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DeCaro manufactures a wide range of products to add utility and design to your fireplace.

Your safety and peace of mind come first. The fireplace screens designed and manufactured by DeCaro will give you and your home the protection you need. We have been making fireplace screens since 1970. Through constant innovative improvements we have perfected the design and manufacture, and our screens now offer you a high degree of protection, while allowing all the warmth to flow into your room. In addition, the attention to detail on all our products and variety of design will enhance your fireplace as a focal point in any room.

Both kindling and firewood need to be securely stored close by, yet allow ease of restocking the fireplace. We have solved the issue of wood storage. Our woodholders provide secure storage and easy access to the wood. Consult our brochure for the various woodholder designs available for all types of fireplaces: zero clearance, project outs, and full hearth type.

To help you tend your fire, we provide an appealing range of fireplace toolsets. These toolsets are available in a myriad of colours, designs, and features, and add richness to the décor of any room. We also fashion toolsets for custom orders to suit your taste and design, while making sure they fall within our safety parameters.

The timeless appeal of our toolsets is achieved by utilizing the finest construction materials, such as C360 for the brass sets and high tensile steel C1018 for the steel sets. A combination of both metals yields the most attractive range of toolsets.

Please browse through our product section for further information on screens, toolsets, grates, woodholders, and chimney caps.

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